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College and University Special Education Pages

Here're lists of some universities and colleges that have special education programs. The list is not intended to be exhaustive; people voluntarily submitted these sites.

There are two types of programs, (a) those devoted to preparing teachers and researchs who are concerned with the needs of individuals with disabilities, and (b) those that serve individuals with disabilities who are attending a college or university. (Looking for a guide to the Commonwealth of Virginia's colleges and universities that provide services for students with disabilities? Try here.)

To keep this list current, I would appreciate information on newly created or previosly overlooked home pages. If you suggest that I include an institution, please be sure to provide its URL. Corollary: I test the links I'm sent, but places sometimes change their addressing schemes, so some links may "go 404."

College and University Programs
Preparing Teachers and Researchers

College and University Programs
Serving Students with Disabilities

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