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Special Education
Regional Resource Centers

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Through the Office of Special Education and Rehabilitative Services U.S. Department of Education funds resource centers throughout the country, each serving a different region. Among the general purposes of these centers are to:

Links to the Centers


E-mail Contacts

Northeast Regional Resource Center (NERRC)


Mid-South Regional Resource Center (MSRRC)


Southeast Regional Resource Center (SARRC)

Betty Beal, bbeale@edla.aum.edu

Great Lakes Area Regional Resource Center (GLARRC)

Larry Magliocca, Magliocca.1@osu.edu

Mountain Plains Regional Resource Center (MPRRC)

Glen Latham, latham@cc.usu.edu

Western Regional Resource Center (WRRC)

Richard Zeller, Richard_Zeller@wrrc.uoregon.edu

Under a special contract, the Federal Resource Center for Special Education supports all of the centers. This site provides more extensive information about the centers, in general.

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