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General Resources about Disabilities

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Many of these sources apply to several aspects of disability or special education. We've assembled them here for folks who are seeking general (in the sense of 'generic') sources. The resources listed here are sometimes included elsewhere in our pages. If you're looking for something that you haven't found elsewhere, you should scan this list.

Looking for information that used to be listed on this page? See the new sibling page, Assistive Technology.

bullet image NCITE, the National Center to Improve the Tools of Educators

bullet image Case-Link, an interactive multi-media project about using cases on the web as a means of teaching about special education.

bullet image Anyone who wants to know something about effective instruction should read Ed Anderson's paper called "Education that Works: The Child is Always Right." It's one of many valuable resources one can find at the Cambridge Center for Behavioral Studies web site.

bullet image George Klima's extensive site about the importance of effectiveness in educational reform, one of our favorite, no-nonesense places about education on the web

bullet image Project EASI

bullet image U.S. National Center for Dissemination of Disability Research, a project funded by the U.S. National Institute on Disability and Rehabilitation Research and providing extensive resources on research about disabilities

bullet image Rebecca Evers, a professor at Winthrop University, has an extensive list of resources related to disabilities and special education.

bullet image The John F. Kennedy Center for Research on Human Development

bullet image The National Center on Educational Outcomes (NCEO) focuses on the participation of students with disabilities and students with limited English proficiency in national and state assessments, standards-setting efforts, and graduation requirements.

The US Department of Education's Office of Special Education Programs (OSEP) began partnerships with several organizations to provide many resources over the Internet. There are three important partnerships:

  1. Resources about Practices from a coalition of the Council for Exceptional Children and OSEP.
  2. Family & Advocates Partnership, provided in partnership with the PACER Center.
  3. The Policymaker Partnership for Implementing IDEA, provided in partnership with the National Association of State Directors of Special Education

bullet image Internet clearing houses focused on families often include resources about special education and disabilities.

bullet image National Public Radio's Beyond Affliction: The Disability History

bullet image Contact List of Disability Resources on the Web

bullet image Association for People with Disabilities

bullet image The National Association of Protection and Advocacy Systems, which provides links to lots of resources

bullet image Main Street Community Services is a registered not for profit community agency working in partnership with other established community organizations to provide comprehensive social and health services. Don't let the Canadian link fool you; there's lots of good info here.

bullet image The American Academy of Pediatrics' statement about the Doman-Delacato Treatment of Neurological Handicaps

bullet image Adaptive Computing Technology Center

bullet image Boys Town

bullet image Crotched Mountain Foundation, an early entry on the web

bullet image The Institute on Independent Living offers a wide variety of resources, including a listing of disability organizations, referral services, and more

bullet image The Center on Disabilities, a resource from California State University, Northridge.

bullet image The Charles A. Dana Foundation maintains the Dana Aliance for Brain Initiatives and the BrainWeb project, excellent resources about brain research

bullet image Sandra Steingart's fine list of school psychology resources

bullet image UC Berkeley's School Psychology Program site, which includes links to related areas

bullet image Disability Research Unit (DRU) in the United Kingdom

bullet image The Macquarie University Psychology Department maintains a list of basic information about commonly used tests

bullet image Jim Lubin's extensive set of resources, Disability Information

bullet image Access Unlimited's Disability Link Barn, including hundreds of links to resources

bullet image Resources for nurses from the Angels of Mercy, including a section on disabilities

bullet image Harold Anderson's resources on Angelman Syndrome

bullet image Ron MacKinnon's list of special education resources

bullet image International non-profit human services organization

bullet image Job Accommodation Network

bullet image National Association of Developmental Disabilities Councils

bullet image National Institute On Life Planning For Persons With Disabilities

bullet image Directory of National Information Sources on Disabilities

bullet image Randy Ryan's web site associated with Our Kids and devoted to raising kids with special needs.

bullet image Parents Helping Parents

bullet image Steve Sell's Disability Management Page

bullet image Amby Duncan's Educational Resources

bullet image The Trace Center

bullet image Parkside MI Middle School's links for parents and teachers

bullet image Lauren Goch's pages

bullet image Other Internet Disability Resources

bullet image Steve Fullmer's list of links called Untangling the Web hosted by West Virginia Rehabilitation Research and Training Center

bullet image ProjectPro's cite on its After-School Reading Instruction program

bullet image Americans with Disabilities Act Document Center

bullet image General Disabilities Information

bullet image THE SPECIAL EDges page from Darren Gossage

bullet image General special education links from Richard Purman at the New Horizons Regional Education Center

bullet image Disability Resources on the Internet

bullet image Petereson's guide to special schools

bullet image The Arc's list of Disabilty-Related Resources on the Web

bullet image Center of Excellence for Science & Mathematics Education's resources on science and math education for kids with disabilities

bullet image Brandi Valentine's Heart of the Web page has links to interesting resources selected for their unique features

bullet image Maurice's Educational Page

bullet image David Hurlbert's collection of resources

bullet image Accessology Inc - Handicapped Disabled Access Regulations

bullet image Esmerel's Collection of Disability Resources on the Internet (this is a big one!)

bullet image Disability Page

bullet image Paralysis Society of America

bullet image Perspectives on Disability

bullet image San Diego: Disabled Businesspersons Association

bullet image Sturge-Weber Foundation site, with lots of resources about this syndrome.

bullet image College and University Disability Resources

bullet image Foreign Resources

bullet image Program Steppe

bullet image Cognitive and Developmental Diabilities Resources

bullet image The Instant Access Treasure Chest

bullet image Sunny Hill - Other Internet Resources

bullet image WEB Server for the Visually Handicapped


bullet image Media Miss the Disability Rights Issue: "Courageous Cripples" Instead of Access ...

bullet image Internet sources of dyslexia information

bullet image Funding - Disabled People South Africa

bullet image Index Page for the Developmental Disabilities Centre

bullet image Disability Information In South Australia

bullet image Mennonites and People with Disabilities

bullet image DO-IT. Disabilities, Opportunities, Internetworking and Technology

bullet image The Son-Rise Program For Families With Special Needs Children

bullet image Human Rights Act - Disabilities

bullet image Headline: Housing in Jeopardy for 156,000 Disabled

bullet image National Organizations, USA

bullet image Disabled User Services Home Page

bullet image Other Internet Disability Resources

bullet image GENERAL RESOURCE INDEX: Resources for the Disabled

bullet image Welcome to the Mailing List for Berkeley Area Disability Issues

bullet image Ability Network - Cross Disabilities Magazine

bullet image Disability Related Resources on the Internet

bullet image Resources from the Netherlands on the method known as Gentle Teaching

bullet image Abilities - Issue 24 - Fall 95

bullet image U.S. Disability Law

bullet image Axis Disability Rights Website

bullet image Disability Cases

bullet image Individuals With Disabilities Education Act (Also, see our ose links on law in special education)

bullet image Carleton Disability Awareness Centre

bullet image Women with Disabilities

bullet image Disabled Student Services: HomePage

bullet image Disabled People and Internet

bullet image Leny Magalhes Mrech's site about Inclusive Education in Brazil

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Looking for information that used to be listed on this page? See the new sibling page, Assistive Technology.

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