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A new page in the office


15 May 2000: I've completed the addition of a page that permits visitors to submit links to the office and have them appear essentially immediately. Although I've done a little other tidying around some rooms in the office, I've not yet had a chance to complete the major overhaul that's now 3 years overdue. Don't abate your breath!

New Pages and Sites in the office

6 December 1999: I'm not sure what's changed since the last time I wrote anything here, so I'll just drop in a couple of notes:

Newer Miscellaneous Matter


3 October 1998: This should sound like a repeat of the previous message. I've been remiss in updating this page so that it reflects changes. There have been a few and I shall again simply list them here:

New Miscellaneous Matter


24 December 1997: Having failed to keep this page up to date, I have several new things to mention. Rather than adding a separate announcement of each, I'll simply list several new things in this one announcement:

In addition, there are lots of individual new links in pages that have been around for years...and we need to clean the links, as some are no-longer viable. Ah well....

New Legal Information


6 June 1997: During debate about the passage and signing of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act Amendments of 1997, we created a page that provides links to some resources on about the law. In addition, we created a page providing links to legal resources related to special education.

New Pages

12 February 1997: We have added pages throughout the office. Look for the return of our list of special education email lists, which got lost when we moved the office in early 1996 and the first of some occasional papers on special education.

More New Look

Based on some feedback, we have modified the backgrounds for many pages to make them easier to read.  

A New Look

The Office of Special Education has undergone extensive renovations. Notice that we have structured previous resources in a different manner. The new structure (shown in an outline form as a guide) is meant to provide easier access to internet resources as well as special education information created at the University of Virginia. What does the "new" office include?



This is a high-level page organized according to specific disabilities. Included in these pages are various sites related to disability definitions, organizations, general resources, and much more.


Individuals with Special Needs in Film

Sean's worked on these pages. They provide information about recent movies that depict an individual with disabilities in commercial films. The information provides users with a list of selected films, links to relevant parts of our disability database, and links to the Internet Movie Database. Look for further changes to this page as new films are added.

What's Next

Keep a look out for additional structural changes focused on enhancing the accessibility of information by the user. Soon, we'll be adding other new pages on


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