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Learning Disabilities or LD, which is a category of special education, is probably one of the most contentious areas in education. Throughout its relatively brief history, LD has been widely and intensely debated. For a general introduction to the topic, read an entry on learning disabilities such as the one from the Groliers Academic American Encyclopedia.

On this page, we provide a list of common questions about LD--each of which is linked to a discussion of that question.

Common Questions about LD

This list includes answers to some questions and some general suggestions about interventions.

Interventions for LD Problems

One of the results of the interest in learning disabilities has been development of many intervention strategies for the problems experienced by students with LD. You can find out about teaching techniques that have research support by going to the page on intervention strategies in the office of special education.


Surely, some who read these documents will disagree with our analyses. We welcome rational, professional, and collegial discussion of the ideas we present here. There are several forums for such discussions, many of which are described on the page about electronic discussion lists relevant to special education.

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