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Effective Practices: An Integration of Meta Analyses

The following pages are copies of slides from a presentation about the relative effectiveness of various familiar special education interventions. Because they are slides from a presentation but are not accompanied by the spoken narrative that one would hear at the presentation, they do not form a complete presentation. Browsers must review each slide carefully to understand the implications of them when taken as a whole. For this reason, I recommend that people examine articles that review much of this same literature (see Forness, Kavale, Blum, & Lloyd, 1997; Lloyd, Forness, & Kavale, 1998)

I arranged the slides sequentially. The first few slides give information about how an effect size is computed and some standards for comparing them; the concept of an effect size (ES) is critical for understanding the slides that show the relative benefits of different practices. [(Please note that the guidelines we used here are only loose, general standards--sometimes small average effect sizes are important (see Rosenthal, 1984).] Subsequent slides each show

The last slide gives the full reference to the articles from which we drew the analysis. It is noted as "refs" on the slides so that one can jump directly to it if desired.

For my colleagues and myself, I hope that making this information available will encourage people to use the most effective methods available. Begin the slide show by following this link. If you're already familiar with the slides and want to jump to a particular analysis, go to the table of contents.

John Wills Lloyd
JohnLNOSPAM@Virginia.edu (manually remove NOSPAM)

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