Improve or increase social skills


Three high school students with mental retardation


Students were taught to play a game called Stacking the Deck. It is a board game that provides activities for teaching six social skill areas: compliment, politeness, social interaction, criticism, social confrontation, and questions and answers. Each skill area has cards with different social situations written on them. Students are given the chance to respond to all 48 cards, when it is their turn. There are four sessions and a facilitator stacks the deck each day to ensure that students will receive a different set of 12 cards for each of the social skill areas. The facilitator models the correct response each time he or she answers a question. If students respond correctly, they get to move their game piece on the board.


Facilitator calculates the total number of correct and incorrect responses for each of the six social skill areas taught


Clees, T., Langone, J., Malone, M., Oxford, M., & Ross, G.(1995). Acquisition and generalization of social skills by high school students with mild mental retardation. Mental Retardation, 33, 186-196.


Lori Sanders