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Information Resources

file cabinet buttonEffective Methods
Slides comparing effectiveness of common special education methods.

file cabinet buttonInterventions
Research-validated methods for teaching students with disabilities.

file cabinet buttonDiet and Disabilities
Information about how diets and such do and do not affect disabilities.

file cabinet buttonIDEA 1997
Information about IDEA Amendments of 1997.

file cabinet buttonIndividuals with Special Needs in Film
Information about how disabilities are portrayed in commercial films.

file cabinet buttonHistory of Special Education
A searchable data base of important events in special education.

file cabinet buttonSpedtalk
Copies of posts for the last 7 days plus other information about the list.

file cabinet buttonAccessible Web Design
Links for people concerned with creating accssible web pages.

Information on LD
A collection of topical information about learning disabilities.

Functional Behavioral Assessment
A few selected links to resources on functional behavioral assessment.

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