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We're flattered to have been reviewed and honored in various ways by some internet services as having provided worthwhile information. We appreciate the recognition of the following organizations and agencies:




In its section on "Education/Learning," Tufts University Child & Family WebGuide awarded the office a high rating and commented that it"presents a substantial amount of information on a range of educational issues. 'Office of Special Education' offers applied research articles on learning disabilities, dyslexia, special education, information for parents and professionals, inclusion, and genetic influences." We're flattered to be listed with these folks.
StudyWeb image In its section state-specific Web resources, under Virginia, Lightspan's StudyWeb lists the office. The reviewer apparently considered the office to be relevant to Virginia specifically...ah well, we still appreciated the recognition.
WebCrawler image In its section Kids & Family: Learning: Special Education, WebCrawler lists the "office" as one of three "Top Sites."
Britannica Internet Guide Britannica Internet Guide sent us a nice note 22 May 1998 indicating that some of our pages were referenced in its sections on special education.

Starting Point

On 10 November 1997, Starting Point featured the office.


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In August of 1996, folks from the Education First Initiative of Pacific Bell wrote to say that the office had been included in Blue Web'n Learning Applications Library. In their pages, these folks say:
"Another excellent Website from the Curry School of Education at the University of Virginia. This one provides information and links on many aspects of special education: Interventions, Individuals with Special Needs in Film, History of Special Education, Spedtalk, Legislative Updates, and a Placement Issues Database. If you have students in your classroom with special needs, this Website could help by providing tips for structuring and evaluating your curriculum."
Here's a quote from the message advising us of the site's inclusion:
"Each site included in this database has been selected and reviewed by an Education First Fellow. Your inclusion in the database is an honor reserved for the best instructional lessons, activities, projects, resources, references, and tools on the Web."
We were flattered.



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Infoseek gave the office a select check and describe it this way: "Excellent clearinghouse of special-education information and web resources."


Back in 1996, the folks at HealthWay in Canada had some kind words to say about some of our pages. They gave some of our pages high marks:

Our Page

Their Rating and Review

Learning Disabilities

Attention Deficit Disorder

Traumatic Brain Injury



* WWW * Review *

In July of 1996, the reviewers of sites for the WWW Review wrote, "This special education site, which has been developed by professionals from the University of Virginia, is informative on all levels. This well-structured site provides viewers with a very clear and concise overview of the history of special education, the laws, availability of online medical journals, definitions of disabilities, and resources to further the understanding of such disabilities. The site also provides support and ideas for disabled people, their parents, family and friends as they adjust to the lifestyle.

One great link is Intervention Techniques. This link provides educators with resources to help adjust the classroom setting and the teaching curriculum in all subject areas for a disabled person.


The site is very well structured and easy to navigate. It has been built with a condensed view of possible links providing, at a glance, the contents of the entire site.

The site is most valuable to teachers who have disabled persons in their classroom. It provides effective teaching techniques (studied and tested by the Department of Education of the University of Virginia) to help adjust and to understand the student's disability better. The office of special education site also provides tips for structuring and evaluating the curriculum.


Tri-County (Ohio) Computer
Services Association

In describing the office as its site of the week, the Advisory Committee for Technology wrote, "This well-structured site provides viewers with a very clear and concise overview of the history of special education, the laws, availability of online medical disabilities, and resources to further the understanding of such disabilities."


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